Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Magnesium Magic

My Vitamix, my son Elias & I have had some time to explore the Green Smoothie World and here is one of my favorite recipes so far: Kale, pear, dates, almonds, avocado, pumpkin seeds, coconut oil, cinnamon, raw cacao and water.

"You have the power to maximize each phase and reduce physical and emotional discomforts by maintaining a healthy, balanced diet and taking vitamins that support your female body. For example, increasing your magnesium intake (via food or supplements), especially in week 4 of your cycle, can significantly reduce cramping, while regular intake of vitamin B6 throughout your cycle can help to minimize bloating." 

- Anea Bogue's - 9 things every woman should know about menstruation.

So yes, today's Smoothie is topped with magnesium to support a healthy cycle and, lo and behold, I think I found a mix Elias loves!! 

Elias & his friend Fauna enjoying their smoothie...in multiple ways I should say :)


Om Yum!



9 things every woman should know about menstruation. Huffpost Living.http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/anea-bogue/women-menstruation-_b_3957384.html

Top 10 Foods Highest in Magnesium. Health Alicious Ness.com 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Food as Medicine

Hi & Welcome to the Moonstuff blog! 

We feel very inspired and excited to start blogging some personal, factual, inspirational & magical Stuff with You, and hoping you will share some of Yours with Us! 

I have recently embarked on a 30-day Green Smoothie Challenge! Two a day :) 

Through these 30 days, and possibly beyond, we thought to share with you some wonderful benefits, or not!, of going Greener, especially in connection to your menses. We will post common knowledge, deeper wisdom, thought-provocative voices, questionable statements, reflections, inspirations & insights and anything else juicy we get our hands on from across our Earth!

Here is an inspiring quote by Queen Afua from Sacred Woman' on the Power of Food:

”The place where we heal all our afflictions is in the ’old way’, in the kitchen of our ancestors, where foods contained the power to nourish bodies, minds, and spirits. Our grandmother’s kitchen was a place where women sat around the stove and worked out and balanced thier lives and relationships as they passed around red raspberry and goldenrod tea. They were just being natural women. They came together as sisters around food. They worked with their bare hands and compassionate spirit to heal their families. We must imitate these Sacred Women. We must heal our families during meals, reunions, and family outings as we pass around the food. We’ve come to a time where we must once again heal our families through the wisdom of the ’old’ kitchen. ”

These modern days, this obviously goes for both women & men; the power to use food as medicine. I started my challenge with the following Green Smoothie: Parsley, Apple, Lemon & Avocado.

Om Yum!



Queen Aufa - Sacred Woman - A guide to healing the feminine body, mind and spirit.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Who we are...

Our Mission 
Expanding womens' awareness on menstrual health and alternatives to tampons and pads which are polluting our beautiful planet. Saving ourselves some money and also keeping our sacred parts healthy!

Moonstuff has been created to deepen our connection to our menstrual cycle but also to deepen our sisterhood by sharing tips, questions, doubts... 
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